Monday, July 5, 2010

DONUTS by Freshly Baked

So we have a little work to do. Got a project from the J-Dilla foundation and so we're looking to incorporate his album "DONUTS" into a special package. Here's the shirt.

Freshly Baked "I'm So Fresh!" T-Shirt

Well since we incorporate freshly baked items from bakeries into our work, took a cupcake and made him FRESH!

Freshly Baked "Skunk" Shirt

Once again, got a little bit of inspiration from the "Skunks" this time, these are going to be limited edition just like the pigeons, hit us up for orders.

Freshly Baked "Signature" T-Shirt coming soon...

Got the signature t's coming soon as well for the summer time

Freshly Baked "Skater" T's Coming Soon...

Got these puppies showing up soon for all you skater heads out there.

Night Vision Custom Air Jordan VI

Alright, these were done awhile back by none other than Illwalkees the second part of Freshly Baked.

Freshly Baked Pigeon FLY! Shirts

So we grabbed some inspiration from the Nike DUNK Pigeons, put our own little twist on it and hopefully this should be out for the summer. Shirts will be limited, so be sure to cop one for sure!